Goose Down Bedding

Specialty Linens offers a variety of quality white goose down filled comforters and pillows with a variety of thread counts with more than 800 cubic inches per ounce fill power rating. Greatest comfort is achieved with the correct level of insulation for the individual in the particular environment - not to much, not too little. A high filling power gives you that required level of insulation with minimum comforter weight, which contributes to comfort and a good restful night. Natural climate is an important factor in the quality of goose down, which is determined by the size of the "clusters". A large cluster of down traps more air and insulates better. The colder the climate, the larger the down clusters. Fill Power refers to how down clusters are measured. Large clusters loft higher and provide better insulation and breath-ability. Fill power is a measure of the quality of the down. Higher Fill Power offers greater loft and insulation, providing maximum warmth without excess weight. Hypo-Allergenic - The down is washed to remove naturally occurring dirt and dust normally found in down products.
Specialty Linens and Bedding